Electromagnetic plate control devices.

  • В. Г. Маранцман
  • М. П. Рашкович
  • С. Ф. Шифрин
  • Б. И. Шкловский


Various variants of electromagnetic plates power supply circuits are considered. The analysis of the effect of harmonic components of rectified voltage on plates work is performed, showing that the most rational options for a power supply rectifier is a single-phase two-wave circuit. A classification of demagnetization methods according to the applied control parameter is proposed. plates, based on the phase-pulse degaussing method.

How to Cite
Маранцман, В., Рашкович, М., Шифрин, С., & Шкловский, Б. (2019). Electromagnetic plate control devices. Electrotechnic and Computer Systems, (26(26), 69-78. Retrieved from https://eltecs.opu.ua/index.php/journal/article/view/1043
Automated electromechanical systems

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