Keywords: phase effective current, analog-to-digital converter, instant values, current sensor, application, algorithm, parsing, polynomial dependence.


To determine the effective value of the stator current phase induction motor specialized techniques were developed. Phase current stator instantaneous values resulting arrays were obtained via an analog-to-digital converter L-Card. Phase stator current instantaneous arrays have been scanned from the original file by parsing. To implement the parsing string data used specialized Embarcadero Delphi class TParser. For obtaining average stator current values two algorithms were developed and presented. Obtaining extremums (minimums and maximums) of the sinusoidal signal were developed and presented. To make a measurement phase induction motor stator current used in current sensor Hall effect ACS712 Allegro 20A. To determine the phase stator effective current value based on instantaneous values of sinusoidal current signal array and filtering the output dataset was developed Windows application by using Embarcadero Delphi Community Edition IDE. An application interface is designed in the form of fixed windows. The time dependence between instantaneous values of stator phase current without and with filtering by using a digital filter presented here. Effective stator current value time dependence is given here. The analysis of the results is given. The results were compared with measurements by using the astatic voltmeter with accuracy measurements 0.5. For experimental investigations low power induction motor AIR56A4U3 was used. Three-dimensional dependences of electromechanical characteristics are given. The simulation results are presented in the form of graphs of the transient processes of the stator current of an induction motor. The
results are plotted as graphs of the dependence of the current values of the stator phase current, which were calculated and investigated by using Microsoft Excel. Polynomial dependences of the current values of the stator phase current are also given in a form of Microsoft Excel diagram

Author Biographies

Валерий Олегович Квашнин, Donbass State Engineering Academy

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Electromechanical Automation Systems

Андрей Владиславович Бабаш, Donbass State Engineering Academy

Assistant, Computer information technologies ”,“ Electromechanical automation systems ”

Владислав Валериевич Квашнин, Donbass State Engineering Academy

graduate student of the department "Automation production processes "

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Квашнин, В., Бабаш, А., & Квашнин, В. (2019). THE PHASE INDUCTION MOTOR STATOR EFFECTIVE CURRENT VALUE STARTUP MODE DEPENDENCE DETERMINATION. Electrotechnic and Computer Systems, (31(107), 19-26.
Automated electromechanical systems

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