The study of the magnetic field of a two-winding transformer

  • К К Балашов
  • В Н Долгошеев
  • Т Е Расторгуева


The results of research are given, which make it possible to clarify the picture of the real distribution of flows in a double-winding transformer in a short-circuit short circuit mode. It is shown that in this case all the lines of the stray field of the shorted internal winding are closed along the magnetic circuit, i.e. Е / 2 = Еn2 + E02с = Еn102 = I 2r2 and on the part of the magnetic circuit under short circuit. winding there is only a small flux of mutual induction Фm0 = I2t2 / 4.44fw2. Due to the continuity of the field lines, this flux of mutual induction must pass along the entire length of the magnetic conductor. the length of the magnetic circuit is uneven. A picture of the field corresponding to the short-circuit mode is given. secondary winding.

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